I have a beautiful 140 lb Bernese Mountain Dog named Sully.  He’s a gentle giant full of love and adores my two small children.  Well most of the time, when they are not pulling his tail, trying to ride him or splashing him with water.  I was instantly drawn to working with Pet Animal Wellness Strips because when it comes to taking pills Sully hates it.  This is a dog that ate a soda can and tea towel as a puppy and I couldn’t force a small pill into his giant mouth.

As most “Berner” owners know, this breed is prone to problems and we’ve had no shortage of trips to the veterinarian.  Sully has been on a dozen various medications of which most come in a daily pill regimen for 3 to 14 days.  Every morning and evening when I have to give him a pill its a wrestling match.  He’s as strong as I am. I also can’t explain to him that his medication is for his own good.  I feel so guilty strong arming him to take medication and it stresses me out every morning. I can tell Sully is equally unimpressed with me.  He knows when it’s coming, hiding under the table or running to get outside.  It is damaging our relationship.

I was involved on the wonderful human side of our company Pace Wellness and asked our manufacturer to produce some sample beef and chicken strips. No medication was on them.  Once I had them I tried giving Sully one to see how he responded.  He licked it out of my fingers with happiness sniffing my hands for more.   I was sold.

We get asked all the time “Can you mask bitter medications?”.  With nano-encapsulation techniques it is possible to mask bitter medications and bring forth the beef and chicken flavor.

If you have ever suffered from guilt or stress because you had to give your dog or cat a pill, this new technology is going to make your life easier.

I can’t wait to share it with the animal world.

Why I Joined the Team

As a horse Owner and just having had to administer an analgesic via a syringe  into his mouth, most of which ended up on my shoes, I look forward to the time when  I can put a strip on his tongue ‎and know that the dose ended up were it should be.  Any pet owner who has tried to get their cat, dog‎, or other animal to take medication by way of pills or liquid will know how difficult the process is!!! The thought that by the simple application of a dissolvable strip on the tongue will solve this problem will be a godsend.  – Bev Highton

Wonderful Idea